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SuperSu APK latest version for Android free download. It is a best root management software tool for rooted devices. It has a unique script to manage the device, after using SuperSu, other root management apps won’t be able to manage the device. SuperSu needs a special procedure to uninstall the SuperSu app.

SuperSU apk is a SuperUser entry Android app tool that has been designed to manage the root access on rooted devices. It doesn’t check your device status. It is not a rooting app like Kingroot, Root Master, or Kingoroot. It will confirm the device status that is being used to root, and let you to manage the Superuser access.

Super SU is a root access management software tool for all rooted devices. It requires device rooted to be installed on. Its advance root management tool has advance management features for Android’s all apps.

SuperSu has been especially designed to fix the issues that encounter a device after root. It has great features that come with the APK version. It is highly recommended by root experts to use on rooted devices.

SuperSu will confirm that the device is rooted or not. It will show all the detail that the device has root access or not, check for busy box installation, etc.


SuperSU APK for Android developed by Chainfire. It is the most likable app for rooted devices. Super SU can give the real total control on Android Smartphone for users. All the previous privileges for installed apps will be administered to user.

Supersu also provide the best option for rooted device that is “unroot” to get the unroot benefits from manufacturer.

Super SU controls the superuser privileges having best interesting features that performs the unbeatable performance among competitors. It is considered the useful tool among the same purpose apps. Its aim is to provide the real Superuser access control on device.

SuperSu APK free download

SuperSu has the user friendly, and easy to use interface that makes it interesting. After root, SuperSu unlock the device features that’s not available on unrooted devices.

SuperSU Android APK is recommended by all the root experts in the world. They like its features. According to them, SuperSu is one of the important apps to install after root. It can enable permissions to manage the apps you installed. It also makes the user control to monitor the apps that tries to access certain features without user permission on devices.

SuperSu APK becomes the magical tool to solve all the issues that was found on rooted devices. The XDA Developers offers this tool to use. They also provide the guidance to it.


SuperSU APK is developed by Chainfire. The XDA Developers bravely guaranteed. They recommend SuperSU and provide guidance about. Its latest version is v2.82 that was released in 2017. After that, there has not been released a new update.

SuperSu is an Android root manager tool for rooted devices. It is neither root a device nor check the rooted device status.

It is compatible with Android v2.3.2 and higher versions. It may not work on Android 8.0 or later versions because of being a stable version since 2017.

SuperSU Features:

SuperSU Android app has great features to manage rooted devices. It provides the superuser access, and allow manage permissions to all the apps. Check all the features offered by this tool below here.

  • Option to temporary unroot
  • Option to fully unroot
  • Access Super User prompt
  • Works on not proper booted android devices
  • Access Superuser logging
  • Access Super User notifications
  • Configuration of app notification
  • Deep detection process
  • Works in recovery
  • Ghost mode enabled
  • Five options with invisible of icon selection
  • Four theme options
  • Code dial launcher (##supersu##/ ##1234##/ ##7873778##/ in some phone single #1234#*# code works)
  • Woks with nonstandard shell locations
  • Script survival backup
  • PIN protection
  • OTA survival mode exist
  • Logging configuration of apps
  • User override on pre-apps
  • Deny or Grant root for specific apps for a period of time
  • PIN Security
  • Modify auto/ deny countdown

How to Use SuperSU on Android v7:

SuperSU has a wide range of Android device in its support list. It supports to Android v2.3.2 and later versions. It has no hidden cost to pay. SuperSU is totally free. It can be used on any device, anywhere.

SuperSU is released as open source. Users can get its source code from Github and contribute their contribution to make it more reliable software tool.

If you are new to SuperSU app then follow the given step by step instructions below. You will successfully utilize the SuperSu app on your device. This guide is specific to Android Nougat because many users are requesting guide about Android version v7.0, and v7.1.

SuperSu APK free download

You will need the following tools before going to use the SuperSU App. So, make them confirm and then go to further process.

  1. Must download the SuperSU latest APK
  2. TWRP recovery tool
  3. Android rooted smartphone
  4. ADB tool
  5. USB Cable
  6. Connect your device with PC

Now, follow the steps below to get install the SuperSU successfully on your smartphone.

  1. Turn your device into bootloader
  2. Type the “fastboot flash recovery.img” in the prompt
  3. Flash the recovery.img and switch the device into recovery mode
  4. Continue to ADVANCE, then ADB SIDELOAD, and SWIPE to continue in the TWRP
  5. Sideload SuperSU App download latest
  6. The process will be started and reboot by making SuperSU pro installation confirmed

Why SuperSU?

SuperSU is the most reliable tool to use. It has easy, fast, and simple user friendly interface. It doesn’t require has any hidden payment. The developers have make it totally free. SuperSU is released as open source that’s source code can be grab from Github.

The another reason to recommend SuperSU App is that it supports to almost all the root privilege MODs and apps. It works flawlessly that is more likable to users.

SuperSU Versions:

SuperSU has been released in many versions. All the old versions were replacing to fixe bugs that exist in each and every version. The newest version has been the improving version of older version. You can take a look at the given old and older versions below.

  1. SuperSU version v2.81
  2. SuperSU Version v2.80
  3. Super SU Version v2.79
  4. Super SU Version v2.78
  5. SuperSU Version v2.76
  6. SuperSU version v2.65
  7. The oldest version was v2.01


There are a lot of advantages to use SuperSu Android app. The main advantage is that SuperSu powerful android app available for free download. It can allow or deny apps permission. It will also enable the control of all the installed apps on your phone. You can also control the apps that is access by Android system.

SuperSu will ensure the system protection and security. You will get a fast and better functionality by your smartphone after root with good command on all the installed apps. It also provides the eye catching, and comfortable UI system.

These advantages are making SuperSu app unique and preferable among users.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantage of use. Supersu app also has great advantages for users. The disadvantages making users unhappy because they don’t want.

The best advantage of Supersu is that there seems nothing reported as disadvantage by users. Feel happy to use it.

How to Unroot with Super SU

Super SU Android app also allow the users to safe unroot with full unroot option. If you want to unroot your rooted Android phone, then follow the steps below. You will get your device safe and successful unrooted to claim the warranty or other terms and rules from manufacturer.

NOTE: The given guide below will also uninstall the SuperSU app from your mobile phone.

  1. Go to apps on your phone and open SuperSu
  2. Tap on setting option available on SuperSu
  3. Now find the CLEANUP option and click on it
  4. You will find the “FULL UNROOTED” option, tap on it
  5. Must confirm the prompt that will be shown on screen
  6. Click on continue
  7. Congrats, you have successfully unrooted
  8. You have also uninstalled the SuperSU form your phone.
  9. Reboot your phone and start unrooted device again

The Super Su app by officials is available in both APK and ZIP Version. You can use any of the given version on your smartphone. SuperSU supports a wide range of Android mobile phone by different manufacturers.

The root experts of the world are recommending the SuperSu app to manage root access on rooted devices. There are many other apps for the same purpose like SuperUser etc. But this app has its own identity by having useful features for superuser access management.

You can download the SuperSU APK v2.82 for Android. Since 2017 the developers have not released any new version to this app. When a new version will be released in future, we will provide it here.

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