Root Master APK Free Download

Root Master APK is a software tool developed for Android devices. It is available for free download. Root Master will give you the real control on your smartphone. It works as a SuperUser to allow the control to run operating system. The Root Master enable the user’s control on different aspects that are not available on unrooted devices.

Root Master is recommended by root experts for new users who want to root their Android device. It is especially designed for beginners. When you run root master on your smartphone, it will check the device, android versions, and will show you the root possibilities. When it shows the root supports for your device then you can root by clicking on the root button. The developers have not released a new version for this app since 2017 that’s why it may not support for all Android versions.

Root master is an Android software root tool designed for Android devices with one click system. Smartphone users can use all features of their phone after root with Root Master that will not be provided by other apps. An unrooted device can’t allow to use all the features.

Many users don’t know about root access. It means that to access the core part of the system, and users can do all the thing they want. They can do anything virtually with a rooted device system.

Root Master APK free download

RootMaster Android app is an alternative to other root apps like Kingroot, Kingoroot, etc. It is as easy, faster, and simple as kingoroot/ Kingroot but contains many unique features. It offers the both versions like EXE for PC and APK for Android. You can use any version to root your Android Smartphone or tablet. Whether you can use smartphone itself or PC windows for root purpose.

Root Master supports to root many manufacturers such as HTC, Sony, Motorola, and many more.

Root Master provides the full root access on all supported Android smart devices after root. It is not to worry about the versions that may be old, older, or latest one. This root tool is a certified to perform the root process on any Android phone.

Root Master APK

Root Master APK latest version v3.0 free download for Android. It is available in English language. Root Master is performing root perfectly on Android v1.5 to v5.0. The version v3.0 can root Android till Android version 8.0.

Rootmaster Android app is a simple, faster, and easy to perform root on any device that streaming Android OS. The app contains a simple button “ROOT”. Users can tap on it to run the root process on their phone.

The best feature and its performance ever seen from rootmaster is that not a single brick or damage on a mobile phone reported yet. That’s why it gains highly appreciation from users. But the root experts are advising that one should research before executing the root process.

It can modify all previously restrictions on your phone, and enable allow installations apps from different sources. It doesn’t approve third party apps. The root process void the device warranty as other apps do. So take the risk at your own decision. The device can still able to claim the warranty for device physical damage.

Root Master app has four major features that are very likable among users. Those are boosting system performance, root with one click root, access more apps manually, and improves battery health & life.

It is one of the professional apps that fix battery issues to improve more power. Root Master improves battery life, gives boost and speedy performance, and overall stability of Android phone.

Using of root master will improve device performance to its peak condition and caring inner overall stability. The attentive feature of root master is that it can improve batter life for long power consumption.


“Root Master app is developed by XDA Developers. Rootmaster English version’s credit goes to Draganz. He is the senior developer and member of XDA Forum. The XDA Developers has got the total credit of Root Master app.

This app was first released in Chinese. Its English versions was write and released by Draganz the senior member of XDA forum. Till from now, the app has solved many issues in the world. It has the best product that has no complain about bricks and damages.”

There are three option to choose for boosting the device and system performance. The options are battery boost, speed boost, and stability boost.

Root Master APK free download

The speed boost feature will give you the highest device maintenance to get free memory that you can use in any other purpose.

Boosting of battery improves the battery’s health and save power for long performance. To do so, it can check the device background running stubborn apps that use ample amount of battery power by being on.

The boost stability feature will make the phone’s performance one step ahead. This feature makes the phone more stable and lagging free.

The Root Master can improve many things in a mobile phone such as save and improve device battery life, speed boost up, and improve/ stable overall condition. The main feature of Root Master is that it satisfies the user who use Android smartphone.

One thing that should be remember that the Android version v8.0 or higher are not in the root support list of Root Master APK.


Root master has its own identity having awesome features. It has gain much users and their trust from the world by introducing its features to them in different ways. You will read those features one by one below here. You can read them carefully to get a well understand about root master.

1. Boost Up Performance

Root with Root Master can positively affect the device performance. You will get a magic boost up in system performance. It upgrades the device performance rate by removing the unwanted data, preinstalled apps, and junk files. It will unlock the device and given the real control to the owner that he /she can install third party apps accordingly.

2. Root with One Click Root

Root Master doesn’t require any complicated root process or unyielding method. It has an easy, simple, and fast root process in one click. Users just need to download and install the app on smartphone. Run the app and tap the button named “ROOT”. It is user friendly and simple too.

3. Access Third Party Apps (More)

After root with Root Master will successfully remove all the restrictions or limitations by developers. The modifications changed and enable to add more apps from third parties. The performance by root master will minimize your interest in google play store. You will get more opportunities from in the form of apps developed by third parties.

4. Improve Battery Health/ Life

Root Master app can change the whole system of your mobile phone. When your phone will be rooted then the batter power plan will work systematically. You can also use a third party app to control the power misuse. It removes all unwanted apps that consume the power by being on in background. You will get more extra power for use and the battery health will be improved day by day.

How to Root with Root Master

Root master’s rooting process is not as complicated as you thought. It has an easy, simple, and faster root process. You can follow the step by step guide below to get the success in root process. Before going to run the root, you must keep these thing in your mind.

  • Download the RootMaster app from here
  • Full or 70% mobile battery charge needed
  • Safe a complete backup of your mobile data
Root Master APK free download

Now you can follow these step to run the root process.

  • Install the downloaded root master app on your phone
  • Now run the installed app on your smartphone
  • The app will show a “root” button on your phone’s screen
  • Click the ROOT button and get the confirmation from app
  • The root master app will show you the root success or fail message
  • Once the root process succeeds, you will get a message like “the root process has been completed”
  • Now download and install the SuperSu app for root management. Doesn’t matter, you can use other root managing tool apps.

How to Unroot an Android Device with Root Master:

Root Master app allows you for successful unroot the rooted device. You can claim your device warranty after unroot. When you unroot the device entire conditions, and terms valid on your device. All the limitations and regulations that has been modified will be added again after unroot the device. You can follow the unroot steps below to get a successful unroot process.

  1. Download and install the SuperSu root manager software tool on your phone
  2. Open SuperSu GUI and then setting
  3. There are four options on SuperSu interface such as Cleanup, Switch SuperSu App, Reinstall, and Full Unroot.
  4. Tap on “full unroot” option and let it proceed
  5. The process can take some time and will show the device state information in a notification.

Change Log

  1. System boost optimization functions added
  2. Tool’s UI and interaction improved
  3. SU bug has been fixed
  4. Single click root added
  5. Recycle bin function has been removed that cause data deletion.
  6. SU support new permissions added for devices
  7. Shielding apps promoted
  8. Inbuilt cleanup system feature enhanced
  9. Refreshed the entire root script to clean the previous detected bugs
  10. More apps access added
  11. Enabled the access to device subsystem
  12. Improved battery health/life

Read these Points Before Going to Root

Before going to use the root master app on your smartphone, you must read the given important points below.

  • Root process will void your smart phone’s warranty
  • In some cases, the device bricks while the root process but no complain has yet recorded against root master
  • You can unroot your device anytime you want. After unroot you can claim all the offers by manufacturer
  • We are not guarantee anything that will happen in root process. So take the risk at your own

Download the Root Master APK and install it on your phone as you do normally. We have brought root master apk 2020 for you. We will update the downloading link when a latest version will be released by developers.

Rootmaster is safe for use, it has been tested and verified by the XDA developers that’s why there is not even a single report of mobile damage. You can use it without on smartphone if your phone model is in the supported list of root master.

Follow the downloading button below to download the latest version APK file. The root master APK is a light file contains 4MB file volume.

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