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Root Checker APK latest version available for free for all Android devices by JoeyKarim. It is a simple, easy, and fast root access confirmation tool that check the device states. Root Checker app cannot root your device. It can let you to check the device that has been used to root. This app is one of the best Android root checker apps by root experts.

Root Checker user interface is very simple. It just tells you by pressing a button. RootChecker can checking the Superuser privileges of Android device in seconds. It can only do the root access/ superuser privileges. You cannot perform any other task like root, or anything like that by using Root Checker. The developers have designed the app to check the device states that it has been rooted or not.

Root Checker can verify the SuperSu or Superuser access properly configured or not. It’s easy, fast, free features can verify the supersuer access installation state and working state on devices. Root checker have been used over 50 million Android devices in the world.

This app can perform the verification task on the latest Android version, and confirm the SuperSU/ Superuser, or administrator access. Root Checker’s simple and easy user friendly interface notify that the device has been properly installed the root access or not.

Root checker’s root access checking method has got the success on 50 million Android devices that’s why it is quick, simple, and reliable for users.
The most common binary is SU binary in the world that used to manage and grant the root access on Android devices. The Root Checker is also reliable to check the SU binary and its common standard location on devices. This app can also check the SU binaries proper functioning on device.

Many users are experiencing the issues while the root along the path of installing, gaining root access, configuration, removing root access, and uninstallation. There is diversity in skills that many users seem the process complicated and complex while for others the process can be simple, and easy. Root Checker is best to check the root access functioning for them. It is best to check and verify the root access, gaining sueruser access, and gaining the administrator access. This app can execute commands through the SU binary.

Root Checker APK free download

Root Checker is compatible with all Superuser management Android apps. The root access management applications are Supueruser, and SuperSU. The successfully install and failed of installation of these app and their working state may result the root checker’s request deny or accept.

The accept of root checker’s root access checking request confirms that the device has successful root access, and the deny of root access checker request also confirms that the device has no root access. Through the using more insight and knowledge, Root Checker can validate the root access states.

Root Checker APK

Root Checker APK of Android App is designed to check and verify the root access over devices. It has been used over fifty million devices. This app is best to verify the proper root access state. It can confirm to the users that the app is working or not.

Root Checker APK updated features can check the device state on the latest Android version for root access, administrator, and Superuser/SU. This app has an innovative user interface that efficiently check and confirm the root states.

App Detail

App Namecom.joeykrim.rootcheck
Compatible withAndroid
Required OS VersionVersion v2.3 or higher
File Size10.1 MB
UpdatedLast Monday

If an Android user runs the root process on device and confused about. For those users, the root experts are recommending the root checker app to be aware. This app checks the root access on device and it also confirms that the app working properly or not. The users can also be aware about the apps functioning.

Root Checker app has lightweight file volume, simple and innovative user interface. No doubt, it is a very useful Android application that has a specific user manual. It is especially designed to get surety about the device that it has root access or not. Root Checker can aware you in seconds about the device status.

The developer has released it free for users as basic version. It can be downloaded from anywhere of the world that there are not Geo limitations to use. You can also buy its pro version for complete best features. It supports to all the rooting apps such as Kingroot, Root Master, KingoRoot, etc.


Root Checker app is developer by Joeykarim. The latest update had been released for root checker by developers on 15 November, 2018. The root checker has two versions the basic version and the pro version. The basic root checker app has limited features, but the pro version contains full must have features.

Root Checker supports to Android v2.3 and higher versions. It is available on Google play store to direct install.

Root Checker APK free download


There are various features in the Basic Root Checker APK, that has their own excellence to verify the device state. You can read them below here.

  1. Trusted by users
    The Joeykarim’s app has got the 50 million device trust from worldwide.
  2. Accuracy of Results
    It has proven that its provided results are accurate. All the accuracy credit goes to technical method it used.
  3. Most Reliable App
    The official has struggle to improve to it in last 5 years. Now the app has innovative and user friendly interface.
  4. Global Root Results Checker
    Root Checker is best to check the root result from anywhere. It is as best in one location as best in another to check the devices.

The followings are the pro version app features.

  1. Advance sophisticated details
  2. Widget to constant monitor
  3. Busy Box quick determine installation
  4. Custom Guidance for unique device
  5. Without irritating ads

Change log

In this innovative app the developers have added new features in the latest release. You can check them below here to gain the information about root checker.

  1. New welcome screens added for new users
  2. Swipe to refresh for verify root added
  3. Root Basics counters and like button added
  4. Performance improved by fixed bugs that were exiting in previous version
  5. Added rankings for most popular

Old Versions

  1. RootChecker version v6.4.8
  2. Root Checker v6.4.7
  3. Root Checker v6.4.6
  4. Rootchecker v6.4.5
  5. Root Checker v6.4.0
  6. Root Checker v6.3.8
  7. Rootchecker v6.3.5
  8. The older version was v5.2.0

You can follow the downloading button below to get the latest version Root Checker APK. Root Checker has easiest, fastest, and simplest method of verifying the root states of Android devices. You can check the root access and app’s functionality with a single button. You can check any supported Android system with root checker.

Android users are getting interest to root their smartphone because the can access all the third party apps through root access. They will be real owner by removing the third party control on device. A rooted device can also prevent the irritating ads shown by third party apps developers.

The Root Checker latest version official file has been brought you from official site. We will provide the newest version when released in future. You can keep visiting us to get the latest updates.

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