Picasso TV APK for Android Free Download

Picasso Live TV APK is free for download. Picasso TV APK is developed by Pubvideo Solution. It is compatible with Android v4.0 and higher versions. It is available for free. Picasso Live TV app provides different TV channels (free + premium) accessible from Android mobile phones. It is as good as the Thoptv app, Oreo TV, GHD app, etc.

Picasso APK is good to watch movies, TV shows, Live Cricket matches, Drama serials, comedy shows, and thousands of live channels on a mobile phone. It includes hundreds of best national and international TV channels to stream. It is best to alternate to the Thoptv Pro app to provide entertainment on mobile phones.
Picasso TV app is also good to stream movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood, and many other file industries.

It is also good to stream live TV channels on Android handsets. Users can live stream IPL and Worldcup cricket, national and international soccer, Wrestling, Hokey, etc.
The Picasso TV app provides all its services by using data from a cellular network or Wifi internet. You can get all the available content from different sources for free and entertain yourself by using your mobile phone.

Picasso TV APK

Picasso TV APK is an Android mobile app’s APK (Android Package Kit) that contains media content. It is the best app to provide watchable content on mobile phones. The content you can watch is Movies, Drama, Comedy shows, TV shows, Business talks, Live cricket, documentaries, and many other types of content.

It provides the content to find, play, and download. You can download media files in various formats such as Android, Windows, Linux, etc. The Picasso TV app also provides the best Animated films for free.
It is also good to capture sporting events such as IPL, Worldcup, Soccer, without subscription or download. It let you stream the event and enjoy your time on small screens.

Latest Features:

Every brand is getting popularity due to some unique features for a specific function. Picasso App has unique features for streaming live channels and media content. You can check the latest features of the Picasso app below here.

  1. Quality app that provides live stream of events on Android Smartphones
  2. Thousands of national, International, and local TV channels
  3. Just download, install, and use without creating account or subscription to a premium plan
  4. The hub of Bollywood and Hollywood movies
  5. Various categories added to provide easy and user friendly interface
  6. Easy to find by categories
  7. Safe, easy, download, and use interface

How to Download and Install Picasso?

The downloading and installing process of the Picasso TV app is as same as other Android mobile apps. If you are new and not aware of the steps then follow the guideline below.

  • Follow the downloading button to reach the download page of the Picasso TV APK
  • Download Picasso TV APK
  • Complete the downloading process
  • Now, tap on the downloaded app to run installation
  • Follow the required step show on mobile screen
  • Finish button will aware you to the completion of installation process
  • Now enjoy the app
Picasso TV Apk download

About App and Version:

Picasso App is an entertainment app that allows you to watch full-length movies, play online cricket games, download a full version of Picasso magazine, and much more. Picasso Live TV is an all-inclusive app that allows you to watch live TV on your Android phone. You can watch movies, trailers, music videos, TV shows, sports highlights, news, and much more on your mobile, while you are enjoying your favorite pictures or movies. This unique service is provided by Picasso Live TV which is supported through Google Android operating system. Picasso Live TV is absolutely free app, which enables you to enjoy unlimited entertainment and videos on your mobile.


App Name Picasso Live TV
Developer PicassoTeam
Compatible with Android
Required OS Version Android v2.9.3 and higher versions
Version 2022
File Size 28 MBs
File Format APK
License Free
Updated 2021

Picasso Live TV provides great entertainment and an informative interface and offers several features that you will love to experience on your android device. It gives you access to watch the latest trailers, movies, music videos, and even live telecasts from various TV channels including BBC iPlayer. Moreover, you get access to popular channels and most popular movies and shows from the best digital channels across the world, which include ABS and Sky Digital in the United Kingdom.

Picasso Live TV also provides many other features such as access to live events from your favorite bands and artists, access to live TV stations from across the world, access to news and weather from various countries, weather and sports updates, and much more.

The most unique feature of this innovative app is its multi-room viewing capability. You can easily switch between different rooms of the screen, just switch from one channel to another room by long pressing on any of the home buttons and this amazing app gives you access to hundreds of channels. This amazing app allows you to stream various media files such as live telecasts, television shows, trailers, live events, music videos, and much more directly on your Android device.

This brilliant app definitely gives you a new viewing experience and something that no other TV app could offer. The Picasso App has been downloaded by users from all over the world and is fast becoming one of the most sought-after apps in the Android ecosystem. Picasso Live TV is currently in development and is planned to enter the beta phase in the latter half of 2022.


Picasso TV App has been launched to target the mass market and is proving to be a success. The Picasso TV App will allow the user to enjoy a range of exclusive TV content that includes popular movies and music videos, live TV shows, sports events, weather forecasts, games, news, and many more. Users can also make use of their smartphones as remote controls to access different elements of the application on the go. Picasso uses the Android native code and has integrated the Wi-Fi capability to provide smooth connectivity.

The Picasso TV App will enable users to access premium channels that are exclusively available to subscribers. The premium channels in the Picasso TV App include Sky, Canal+, TV HD, Bovicola, Lifestyle, Rocket TV, Bumbershille, and many others.

The TV sections of the application will allow the user to choose from a variety of popular movies and current releases. The movie list features both new releases and popular old movies. In addition to this, the app allows the user to record and watch favorite television shows, even when they are not connected to the internet or a television set.

Download Picasso TV App APK for free by following the given downloading button at the top or at the given below. After download, you can install it on your Android mobile phone to use. You can enjoy hundreds of live channels and thousands of overall channels on your mobile phone.

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