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HackerBot APK latest version noroot available for free download. The games hack and patch finding app named HackerBot free download for Android devices. It is the latest version app compatible with Android version 4.1 or higher versions. Hackerbot APK is developed by Samuel Steiner. The LittleSquid GmbH located in Switzerland has the copyright of this app and site. HackerBot is one of the best apps to hack games, find cheats for games, and bots for online games. These hacks and cheats work on all versions such as Android versions, PC version, etc.

Hackerbot is a software application available for all platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. The users will access the official site through this app to find their needs that they are looking for. The free finder search is easy and simple to find the cheats and hacks for a game to download them. User will also learn the necessary thing about games hacking on various operating systems.

This app is awesome to find cheats by using its custom search engine that allows users to grab legitimate cheats easily. The custom search engine searches for well moderated sources online such as trusted sites and forums where you can find and download the unlimited hacks, cheats, and modded APKs for free. If this site cannot find the hacks, and cheats then you should realize that for the cheats, and hack you are looking for does not exist.

The owner of HackerBot recommends this app for everyone who interested to find hacks, cheats, and modded APK of a game. Many fake sources are available on Google with the name of game hacks, and cheats. The users have been tired by visiting fake content related to game hacking.

The HackerBot’s custom search engine claims that they are trusted and number one to find game hacking services for online games. This app is best alternative to game killer, game guardian, Hackbot, Cheat Engine, Game play, etc

Hackbot also initiate a concept that in the year 2051, the cyber criminals will create the hackbot tools to steal the information and data from the world. They will steal the top secrets of their opponents through cyber-attacks.

HackerBot is an addictive fun hacker game simulator that has infinite levels. analytical skills, artificial intelligence, hacking tools, gambling, and cyber-attacks are the features of this app. It will help you to achieve the higher ranking to become the best hacker of hackerbot in the whole universe.

The Hacker Cybernetic organism and Hackbots will blend their tools in human being that will have been studying the target behavior to convert into program and they will hack their WiFi passwords.

HackerBot APK free download

HackerBot APK

HackerBot APK is developed by Switzerland’s best company LittleSquid GmbH. The Samuel Steiner the administrator of this app has designed it to game hacking purpose. This app can easily find the cheats and hacks for a game through its custom search option. If your search doesn’t meet with any result, then it is confirming that the cheats and hacks for the game are not available.

You can also find best tricks and tutorials about game patches and how to apply on games at Hackerbot. It works like a sort of cheat engine that guide in detail through tutorials about video console games for different versions.

HackerBot contains all the game hacking for all platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox, and PlayStation. It has best tips, tricks, cheats, hacks, and modded APKs too. It offers legitimate and lawful content to fulfill the user needs without spamming. HackerBot is one of the best app among MOD apps that has annoying invasive adverts. You will get the following functions that you can get with HackerBot app for cheat.

  1. Through video and simple tutorials users can learn about how to mod games
  2. Avoid the fake information, captchas, and bothersome advertising surveys to locate the cheats
  3. Easy and quick ways to find lawful trick and modded APK files
  4. HackerBot has a broad range of cheats for all popular games such as PUBG, Subway Surfers, Garena Free Fire, etc.

This app offers extra help with tutorials to MOD games and also provide Modded APKs, bots, and tools to use. The best feature of this game is that it doesn’t require rooted device. Users can use their unrooted device to apply cheats on games.

How to Use;

Follow the step by step guide below to successful use the HackerBot Android app on your device, else you may fail.

  1. Open the HackerBot app
  2. On the start page, you will have find cheats and legitimate cheats option
  3. Tap on the ” Find Cheats or Find Legitimate Cheats”
  4. Now the choose the system you want to play on
  5. FreeFinder will find the Legitimate mods or cheats tutorials for you
  6. Now read carefully and learn how to cheat or MOD a game and apply the tips and tricks yourself
  7. Congrats, you have done, now keep enjoying

Get the guidance by video tutorial about the usage of HackerBot Android app.

How it Works

The HackerBot App has a very simple and easy processing method that has high impress rate of users. There are different methods HackerBot offers to hack games.

The first step is Freefinder that finds cheats and legitimate cheats for a game that may be unlawful. The second one is offering complete guide and tutorials that contains the useful tips and tricks allowed during the games. You can use the FreeFinder custom search engine’s cheats, and mods for a game. If the cheats and mods will not available, then you can use the tutorials patch your game successfully.

This app is working for many years as a game search engine. It has been designed for newbie gamers and old-school gamers to modify their games by themselves. The both users can hold of tricks and cheats for their favorite games to gain competitive advantage among the rivals.


HackerBot app has various features that make it unique, reliable to modify games, and number one hacking site. These feature are teaching much more about modify the games and create strong passwords. You can read the HackerBot features under here.

  1. Guessing the right passwords
  2. Discover the targets confidential secrets with an instant play mode
  3. Hack Rank to match with friends
  4. Solve many more dossiers as you can within the given time
  5. Challenge your friends to get better score than yours
  6. Creating Game bot guide
  7. Hacks for iOS games
  8. Hacks tutorials and guide for Android games
  9. Skip human verification (successful)
  10. Game cheats browsing, Windows games cheats, mobile game cheats, and console cheats


HackerBot app is developed by LittleSquid located in Switzerland. It is a small company managing websites, providing services, and consulting market since 2014. The company aims are to develop software, gaming, and game cheats.

This app is compatible with Android v4.1 and higher versions.
The latest version of the app at the current time is v1.7.0 that is available to free download from here.

Games Hacks

There are different featured games from various developers that they are being modified by HackerBot. All the games are popular in the world and have millions of searches. You can take a look at some featured games below here.

HackerBot apk featured games
  1. PUBG Hacks
  2. PUBG Lite Hacks
  3. PUBG Mobile Hacks
  4. Critical Ops Hacks
  5. Area F2 Hacks
  6. 7DS Grand Cross
  7. Call of Duty Mobile Hacks
  8. Free Fire Hacks
  9. Fortnite Mobile Hacks
  10. Coin Master Hacks
  11. Hero Wars Hacks
  12. Rise of Kingdoms Hacks
  13. Pixel Gun 3D Hacks
  14. Roblox Hacks
  15. Brawl Stars Hacks
  16. Standoff 2 Hacks

The HackerBot app comes with software cheats and game hacking. Among fakes, spams, and illegitimate products the HackerBot app is trusted and real. The Freefinder feature make this application easier and reliable to find cheats and hacks. Its custom search will give you the valuable guidlines, tips, tricks, to provide accurate and legitimate cheats for completely free. HackerBot also provides a paid search for users.

Download the latest version HackerBot Android app for free. Its PC and iOS compatible version also available on official site.

You can follow the downloading button below to get the latest HackerBot APK file for Android Smart devices.

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