Greenify APK Free Download for Android

Greenify APK latest version free download for all Android devices. Greenify is an Android app to save power and boost battery for long time. It enables the users to hibernate all the apps that runs in background on your device. Those background running apps use battery power silently and your device battery fails to provide the promise service on your phone. Greenify can put all not using apps out of service according to your choice. The hibernating feature of this app can stop to consuming batter power to provide a healthy battery.

Some apps are never being hibernated known as instant messaging or alarm apps that consuming battery power constantly. Greenify is the only solution that can hibernate them easily through active monitor. It allows the users to save a bit of battery power to later use and many other features.

Greenify is a free and open source software tool that has solved the batter issue on Android Smartphones. It can monitor device background the hibernate the battery consuming apps to save and provide more batter power to use.

The Android Marshmallow has included some features of this app named Doze that perform the same task on Smartpones. This feature has been integrated into the operating system. Many other third party apps are using this feature through a different process by getting the help from VPN. So they suck your data.

Greenify app also better your device performance and it will never be slow down after that. After installation of Greenify on any Android smartphone the device will not be slower by having a lot of apps installed on it. The device will work smoothly and lastingly as a new.

Greenify APK free download

It allows the users to identify the bad apps that performs activities in background without your permission. You can stop misbehaving apps by hibernating them. The misbehaving apps also lagging or leeching your device battery that the Greenify control them completely.

Greenify is not even interested to collect user personal data by accessing services. It provides the advantage through automation the hibernation process on Android phones.

It is very important to keep these things in your mind that you must aware about the background functionality hibernation such as alarm, event receiver, widget update, push message, service, and periodic task will be out of service after implies the Greenify app.

Greenify APK for Android

Greenify APK is compatible with Android version 5.0 and higher. It doesn’t have any issue with rooted device or non-rooted device. It works on rooted and unrooted devices very well and support too. Greenify is developed by Oasis Feng from China. Greenify APK is best for all those users who need automatic hibernation for background running apps on Android smartphones. It is a extremely lightweight app that has zero battery consume rate.

It is available for free download on many blogs but you can get the latest version from here. We have brought the Greenify app genuine file from official site.

This app that systematically put the apps into a hibernation mode will improve the device battery health. Greenify can automatically scan for useless apps to put them hibernation. This process stops the irritating apps from background to drain the battery power as well as slowing the device.

Greenify users can get a good and fast performance and long life battery. This app can work on rooted devices as well as non-rooted devices. A device can be root with Kingroot, Kingoroot, or Root master app that these apps are top rated apps for green results.

App Detail Features
Greenify Free and open source app
com.oasisfeng.greenify Great to monitor misbehaving apps
v4.7.5 Aumatic hibernation for all background apps
APK Supports Android v5.0 and higher versions
3.9 MB Lightweight and easy to install process
Freeware Accept donations, and provide some extra features for Donner.
Oasis Feng Available in English and Chinese language
Updated on last Sunday Improve results and release new version with useful features

Greenify offers two versions to download for Android users. One is free open source version and second one is premium donner version. The premium donner version contains some extra features that are not available in the free version. The premium donation version is clean from irritating ads that may exist in the free version.

Greenify also enable option to users that they can choose the apps from the list to close from running in the background and the others will run as it is. It depends on Android user that he/she may allow some apps to run in the background as it is.

So, the app greenify getting user’s choice very serious that which app is to hibernate and which is not. This app requires device permission from users.

Greenify has a floating action button with a plus icon that will show all the current running apps on your device. It will also show you the apps that are currently running in the background on your device and some of them that slowing down your smartphone’s performance. You can hibernate them that you want and allow them to run as it is according to your choice.

Greenify APK free download

You can also add any app that is installed on your phone from the button overflow menu. You can check the “Show All” option right there and choose any app to add to Greenify. This app will systematically add the chosen app to the list.

Features (More)

There are some features of Greenify app that make it unique and qualified among competitors. You can check them below here.

  1. Systematically improves device battery
  2. Systematically putting apps to hibernation process to keep them out of service
  3. Scanner for useless, misbehaving, power draining apps
  4. Improve device performance by removing the apps from background
  5. Boost speed and save batter life
  6. Support Rooted and non-rooted devices
  7. Secure user interface
  8. Floating action button to add or remove apps to the list
  9. Extra features with Donner version like Greenify system apps, and detail about apps behaving on device
  10. Available in Chinese and English language


There are some new log changes have been done. You must be aware that the Island is a Sandbox Environment to clone the selected apps. You can check all the features under here.

  1. Rooted and Non-rooted devices support
  2. It requires Island with God Mode activated on non-rooted device for Android v9 and later versions
  3. Wake Up tracker and cut off now works on Android 10
  4. With the help of foreground service detection and other minor tweaks the app analyzer is improved
  5. The developer has fixed the shortcut of hibernate and sleep issues

How to install

  1. Download Greenify latest APK file from the link given here
  2. Install it on your Android phone after completion the downloading
  3. Open the app after on your phone, and click “next”
  4. Now choose device states “rooted or non-rooted” and then click “next”
  5. Here select the “Grant Permission” > find greenify > then enable toggle
  6. Get back to Greenify and select “Finish” to complete

How to Use Greenify

  1. Open the Greenify app on your smartphone
  2. Tap on floating button “+”
  3. Now choose “show more apps” you will see the current running app list,
  4. Select the app that you want to hibernate by tapping the checkmark floating action button

How Greenify Works

Greenify shows the current in background running apps. It allows user to control on them. Monitor them and put them out of service mode. Hibernate them those consuming battery power without knowing you.

Greenify can automatically hibernate useless apps on Android device. It improves device performance and battery life too by removing unwanted apps from background.


Greenify APK latest version is available for free download for Android v5.0 and higher versions. The latest version at the time of this publication is v4.7.5. We will provide the latest version when release.

Greenify can be used on rooted and non-rooted devices systematically. You will improve your device performance and battery health by using this app. You can follow the downloading link below to get the latest version of Greenify APK.

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