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Thoptv APK is an application compatible with Android operating system. The ThopTV APK latest version v2021 has been released for Android officially. Thoptv is developed by Thopster Athen. It was a micro project initially released for Android. Some mind blowing features have been added later that attract the interest of Android users toward this app.

IN 2021 there are millions of users of Thoptv in the world specially from Asia. Now this app has officially released for Windows, Mac, and Linux too. The latest version of this app is v45+ which is compatible with Android v4.4.4, and 64 bit of Windows 8/10 operating system. You can visit the official site to get information about Mac and Linux compatibility file if you are looking Thoptv for them.

Thoptv app offers live sports, movies, films, drama serials, talk shows, comedy shows, documentaries, and much more on Android devices, Windows devices, Mac devices, and Linux devices. There are 3000 movies collection, 3000+ live TV channels, and more than one thousand Radio channels in the thoptv library.

Why Does ThopTV APK Not Available on Play Store?

There are thousands of international TV channels and Radio channels in this app’s library. In some events like IPL, PSL, World Cup, BPL etc. many of the channels are live streaming the event activities for their users. When the Thoptv app got more popularity among them to stream online these events then the respective TV channels had filed complaint against this app to Google and due to copy right issue Google removed this app from google play store.

Moreover, this app is not available on play store, and users can download its APK file on their Android devices by searching them from google search. Thoptv APK is available on many websites to free download but we are offering a fast downloading speed as compare to other all. We have also tested the app’s APK for viruses and other harmful aspects before providing to our users. After satisfaction we have uploaded the APK file to our server. In other words, we provide a clean app to download for Android devices.


An APK or Android Package Kit is Android installation format that can be installed only on Android devices. ThopTv is available in APK format and can be installed on Android devices. Its full APK file contains 15 MBs in size and compatible with all Android devices running higher than v4.4.4 of Android version.

Download ThopTV APK

Users are addressed to download and install when a new version has been released and make available for users by official website each time. An old installed version cannot be updated automatically to the newer version. So the users must uninstall the old version and then install the new one on their device.

Stream IPL on ThopTV

According to a new survey most of the users of ThopTV are cricket lovers from Asia. They watch IPL, PSL, BPL, World-Cup, and other popular cricket events on their Android phone. Each time they have preferred this app in past, and majority of them have recommended this app to their surroundings.

Recently the official has released a new version of ThopTV v45.2.2 at the time of this publication which contains more stable features to stream cricket online. On upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) this app will provide HD video quality, nonstop and non-interruption connection to watch cricket. Now this app is a complete solution regarding cricket streaming online.

Watch World-Cup on ThopTV

Cricket world-cup is the most famous cricket event in the world. It is one of the best events that people like and support. The world’s best TV channels are streaming this event live for their users.

ThopTV also provides a number of live TV channels to watch this event on any devices. This app has turned the all types of devices into TVs. It’s a revolution in the field of information technology in the modern age.
This cricket event circulating a big amount of money in the world. Someone becomes billionaire and someone losses everything. Players are their own profit and the sponsorship organizations are making money by selling ideas.

The Most Useful Features of Thop TV

Following are the features of latest version that you can read step by step below here.

  • Free for everyone
  • Three thousand movies collection
  • Three thousand plus live TV channels
  • One thousand plus Radio Channels
  • Support MX player
  • Indian Premier League Schedule
  • HD video quality
  • Best audio quality
  • An easy and user friendly user interface
  • Seven days’ catchup on five hundred plus Indian best TV channels
Menus on ThopTV App

There are four menus to use this app. These menus define the app’s services for users clearly. The menus are Home, Live TV, Movies, and Series. You can find a program accordingly.


In the home section users can find everything that this app contains from different sources. When a user opens the ThopTV app he/she redirected to home as default. So they can go further to other menus from home.

Live TV:

Live TV menu has been defining to watch live TV programs on this app. It helps to the users to reach instantly to their favorite one or they looking for. When users use this app for a specific event then they can go through this app section/ category. In the category user can find live sports, live business talks, live comedy shows, and any other live program.


In this category all the movies has been made available for users to watch. There are more than 3000 movies available in the thopTV library.


The series section all the TV series has been added to watch. Users can find their favorite series in this category. They can watch their program episodes from here.


Download ThopTV APK from downloading page by following the given downloading link above. We will provide the latest APK file when official site will release in future. You can get the information about upcoming IPL matches such as teams, venue, time, and date from the table above.

You can also ask your question in the comment section below. We will response as well as soon, and keep enjoying by having video content of live programs and pre-recorded programs of movies, drama serials, documentaries, business talk shows, comedy shows, sports, etc.

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